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Short film (13")

Year of production: 2014

Writer/ Director: Alexander Jones Nash

Producer: Edgar Khoo

DOP: Jamie McMurray

Editor: Monika Radwanska

Production company: Little Man Big Voice

Starring: Matthew Postlethwaite, Jeffrey Postlethwaite, 

Amy Waugh, Philippa Lyall

Blood is a short drama about a complex relationship between two brothers. After the murder of Joe, his brother Tommy, mother and Katie are left grief stricken. It is only after a knock at the front door that everything is turned upside down and Joe come back to life. The status quo is regained quickly and the miss-diagnosed death forgotten. But as Joe and Katie relinked their relationship, Tommy becomes increasingly envious building the tension between the three characters, until something must explode to release pressure.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 12.11.49.png
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