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When guests at a party are spiked with a mysterious drug, unpleasant truths and painful secrets emerge as the night spirals into a chaotic and unforgettable affair.

Currently on the festival circuit.

Starring: Olivia Vinall, Killian Koyle, Richard Gadd, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Danny Ashok, Miranda Beinart-Smith, Umi Myers
Director: Vika Evdokimenko
Writer: Oliver Shuster
Producers: Oleg Evdokimenko, Oliver Shuster, Vika Evdokimenko, Frankie Fogg, Oliver Shuster
Cinematography: Lorena Pagés
Editors: Monika Radwanska, Nicolas Gaster
Art Direction: Gabrielle Sellen
Music by: Cora Miron
Co-Composers: Nicholas Owen, Tomoya Suzuki, Peter Lyons
Post-Sound by: Sound Disposition, Roland Heap

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